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Replica Bell & Ross began a new chapter in its history with the BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE in 2016. The brand’s first completely transparent watch caused quite a stir by combining prestigious watches complications, technical performance and its signature design codes.

Three new unique pieces, two online exclusives

A skeletonized version of this exceptional BR-X1 is being unveiled at Baselworld, as part of a collection that underscores the bold creativity of Bell & Ross. Of the six new unique pieces created, three examples that marry transparency and color will be presented. Then by embracing sales innovation: two of the watches will be exclusively available online. This marks a real watershed moment in the Haute Horlogerie sector, once again proving Bell & Ross’ avant-garde spirit in e-commerce and the digital.

As iconic as difficult to work with, sapphire is the embodiment of invisibility: a paradox of solidity and visual transparency. Scientists –who call it corundum– know it as the second hardest material on Earth after diamond, almost impossible to scratch. For watchmakers, creating a case from a block of sapphire is a true technical challenge. It requires long and complex machining, grinding and polishing processes and superior expertise. The case of the BR-X1 SKELETON TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE is made from five blocks of sapphire, which are carefully worked on before being assembled with the greatest precision.

Thanks to the transparency of its sapphire case, the BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE created a magical spectacle in 2016 when its chronograph movement, paired with a flying tourbillon that appears to float weightlessly, was revealed. Last year, Bell & Ross’ design studio pushed the limits even further when it decided to develop an entirely skeletonized tourbillon. The transparency of the sapphire case was complemented by a “lace” effect of the openworked bridges, which laid bare the secrets of the watch’s mechanical heart through an off-centered dial especially designed to reveal it all.


Now, Bell & Ross has set itself a new challenge: to continue experimenting with extreme transparency while adding color. A number of monochrome movements have been individually produced, intended for the most discerning collectors. A single color has been used for the main plate, bridges, dial, hands and tourbillon cage, thus creating a customized face for each unique piece.

Replica Bell & Ross Watches, Best Luxury Watch Replica

Bell & Ross is a Swiss watch company that specializes in luxury watches sharing four characteristics; high water resistance, Swiss mechanical movements unparalleled in accuracy, clear visual indicators modeled after those on aircraft instrument panels, and special features for professionals who work in extreme conditions, such as astronauts, divers, and pilots. Prior to becoming available for purchase, each watch is painstakingly tested for reactions to chemicals, drastic temperature changes, heat, humidity, pressure, shock, and UV radiation.

Bell & Ross - BR S Grey Camouflage

In 2005, Bell & Ross took the design principles from cockpit clocks and used them to create the BR01, a square watch that became a classic thanks to its avant-garde design. In 2015, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this iconic watch, the brand has decided to pay a special tribute to women: Six new references enriched the BR S collection. Today, we are focusing on the Grey Camouflage models.

For the first time, these two new timepieces reinterpret this classic pattern and are adorned with a multitude of details that reflect the essence of femininity.
The delicate polished finish on the chamfered edges of the bezel subtly enhances the satin finish of the case, and the smooth crown adds a touch of softness to the wrist. The dial, fashioned entirely from mother of pearl with hints of grey that reflect the camouflage pattern, surprises in originality and delicacy. The sophisticated metal applique numerals and index, combined with streamlined hands, elegantly display the hours and minutes, with the date set in a perfectly balanced window.

The most precious version has an index combining numerals with 8 white diamonds, giving a total of 0.12 cts, and a bezel set with 66 white diamonds totalling 0.99 cts. The watch is mounted on a taupe grey satin strap, which completes the harmony of the colour palette.

Conceived in the purest tradition of Swiss watchmaking, the BR S Grey Camouflage is water-resistant to 100 metres and features the latest generation of Swiss quartz movements, a guarantee of precision and reliability.